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Black Steel Strat pickguard SSS setup. Hi gloss finish, nice metal tones. Free Shipping


Lightweight all steel black Strat pickguard will enhance your tone .

This is a black steel piece with metal and lighter grey, blue and green tones coming through . The classic SSS setup for your new build or upgrade. There is just enough hi gloss clearcoat to keep the metal texture and patterns but still provides a great finish. Smooth on all corners, back is already smooth and clearcoated in matte. Light weight and loder acoutic resonanace this will give you a nice boost to your existing Strat. The pics you see are what you get. Only one.

The pics you see are what you get.

  • Fits USA Strats
  • with 4mm countersunk outside holes
  • 56mm neck pocket
  • Gloss finish
  • 1mm thick
  • 300-grams
  • Comes with #4 stainless steel screws