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Heavy damage steel Strat pickguard. HSS neon green satin finish. Ships Free


This is a  heavy relic’d neon green HSS strat pickguard  with many rusted grooves. Recommended for a new build.

This is the most damgaged piece of metal i have worked with. Its pretty heavy at 500+ grams .  The HSS combo is awesome for metal playing and a more aggressive look. The humbucker route is old school with the curves for the pickup. there is deep grooves in the metal and rust is under a satin clear coat. Buy Direct from the site and   pay no taxes or shipping charges

Closely fits modern USA made strats with enough wiggle room on the outside holes as they are drilled at 4 mm with countersinking.

  • Better to be used as a new build.
  • 4mm countersunk holes with stainless steel screws
  • 1.6mm rusted steel
  • about 515 grams

Don’t buy this if you want a smooth finish!