Routing Templates

These guitar routing templates are cut from adhesive vinyl. This gives you accurate control over the finer points of setting up your routing template. Better than paper, they are computer cut and don’t move when  applying. Can be applied directly to the wood for a body or on MDF or Acrylic. Each template includes both a 24.75 and 25.5 scale guide and 22 fret neck  template. They also include popular size bolt on neck templates to help adjust your build.  All have options for left or right handed.

Each piece of vinyl comes supplied with pre mask and is packed in individual pieces.
Each kit ships as an over sized letter ground, to keep cost down. The main body piece will be folded but won’t affect the sticker. Just unfold, leave at room temperature and smooth with a squeegee or credit card when applying.

Not affiliated with any guitar company in any way.

60’s style Strat:

Accurate body shape of 1960 Fender Strat. Cut out of adhesive vinyl. This design includes the rear route template supplied in reverse and has reference points to line up with front cuts. 2 headstock shapes and a 22 fret neck template.

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50’s style Tele:

This is based on the 52 tele , accurate to the flat part by the output jack. Aslo includes the route for the 72 wide humbucker style.

Playing Style

PRS style body:

This is based on the PRS shape, has the depth contour lines to help you with getting the curves right. It also includes the  neck fret marker design and neck template guide.


LP Junior style body:

This classic Les Paul Junior shape, with the double and single cutaway option. Each one has its own pickguard shape. The main neck pocket is set to be adapted to  a standard bolt on.


Flying V style Body:

Based on the original ’59 flying V this has the body, triangle bridge, pickguard,headstock shape and options for  bolt on neck. Lefty route shown too.


Mustang Style Body

This is a classic mustang shape, with all the details included. even the 2 part pickguard kit.


Firebird Body Kit

This awesome Reverse Firebird kit comes with the 3 pickup rout plus the 2 pickup route, full neck and headstock shapes , back plates and side lines for a perfect build.


Rhodes Jackson Style V  Kit

Everything you need to get the famous shape of Randy

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