Burnt black Steel Gothic Explorer pickguard with heavy rusted texture, Awesome upgrade. Ships free


Steel Explorer pickguard with semi gloss finish

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This is a explorer guard,  a great semi gloss finish with nice black patterns from burnt smoke throughout. Its steel, bright orange bumpy texture. It would look badass on any explorer . The pics you see are what you get. I try to show the different textures, its fairly smooth overall. The back is smoothed flat under a gloss coating. Based on a 2016 model.

  •  Weighs 250 grams
  •  1mm thick steel
  •  4mm countersunk holes with #4 stainless steel screws
  • Price includes tracked shipping, all taxes no surprises at checkout

Not a guaranteed fit for Gibson due to different manufacturing locations and models. Not affiliated with any guitar company in anyway. Any questions just ask!