Dual Humbucker Strat steel pickguard with rusted green patina and nice blues, Ships free


Dual humbucker strat Pickguard for guitar building

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This is based on the modern USA Strat pickguard with a slightly larger humbucker route to accomodate the covered humbuckers (79x39mm)

Awesome pale blue with a mostly semi smooth rust texture make this a nice  way to add some originality to the standard strat  and to make  nice rough looking heavy metal guitar.
The pics you see are what you get.Taken indoors and out show diffeent variations

  • Fits USA Strats with 4mm countersunk outside holes
  • 56mm neck pocket
  • Satin finish
  • 1mm thick
  • 300-grams
  • Comes with #4 stainless steel screws

The price includes tracked shipping to the places listed. Not affliated with any guitar company in any way