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    Explorer guitar body steel top . Rusted steel face for guitar building. James HET-STEEL #1. Ships free


    One of a kind Gibson Explorer style steel skin

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    James HET-STEEL #1

    Based on the classic Explorer design, this full size shape has amazing patterns of dark, light scratches, rust all under a satin coat. This is your all in one template, routing guide and top for your build.
    Set for a classic tuneomatic bridge, humbuckers and Vol, toggle, tone together.
    Build a metal beast!
    Here are the specs:
    >24.75″ scale
    >57mm wide neck pocket 43mm long
    >4mm bridge holes
    >12mm bridge post holes
    >10mm vol 12.8mm toggle
    >Pickups 72.5mmx40mm
    >4mm pickup holes
    >3.5mm outside holes
    >Weighs 1.05 kg
    Depending on the amount of sound hole you make in your body you can still get a complete body with electronics and bridge around 6lbs and have a louder tone when playing acoustically.
    Regular $279. Includes shipping to US and Canada.