Pine Thinline Telecaster body with rusted pickguard. Coral pink with paisley top wrap.Ships free


A beustiful pink pine guitar with steel top pickguard


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 Pine Tele body with steel  pickguard

This is a 2 piece recycled pine body finished in coral pink hi gloss. it has a pink paisley burst “wrap” sticker on top. Completly built by hand. It also includes a raw steel pickguard There is no filler on this body. you can see all holes and gouges. The matte clearcoat on the rusted pickguard is complimentary. A classic tele shape body with the thinline pickguard. really one of a kind All hand sanded, showing and leaving the imperfections  of the wood. The pics you see are what you get. Only One

  • Specs: Weighs 4.5  lbs with pickguard and bridge.
  • Body alone is 3.7 lbs
  • Neck fits 2-3/16″ 56mm tele neck- there is no clearcoat on this .
  • Use a Classic Tele bridge pickup 3.4″ x 3.034″ 21.5 mm spacing for four mounting holes
  • Pickguard is 1mm thick from medium textured steel under a matte finish
  • $379.00 Canadian Price includes tracked insured shipping and taxes to USA and Canada only