Spice stained sunburst Pine Telecaster body with rusted pickguard. Ships free


a 2 piece tele stained with spices. no filler, solvents or oils


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Turmeric Pine Tele body with rusted  pickguard

This is a 2 piece recycled pine body stained with turmeric, parika and beets then the edges burned for a black burst  3000 grit buffed to a nice matte  and semi matte finish.  This gives it a weathered look.The front and back show  the grains and knots.  There is no filler on this body. you can see all holes and gouges. The matte clearcoat on the rusted pickguard is complimentary. There is a tummy route at back, PLUS an arm contour on the front. All hand sanded, showing and leaving the imperfections  of the wood. The pics you see are what you get. Only One

  • Specs: Weighs 4.5  lbs with pickguard and bridge.
  • Body alone is 3.7 lbs
  • Neck fits 2-3/16″ 56mm tele neck- there is no clearcoat on this .
  • Use a Classic Tele bridge pickup 3.4″ x 3.034″ 21.5 mm spacing for four mounting holes
  • Pickguard is 1mm thick from medium textured steel under a matte finish with control plate
  • $379.00 Canadian Price includes tracked insured shipping and taxes to USA and Canada only