PBass steel pickguard. green patina and rusted metal . Satin finish. Ships free


Modern pbass pickguard from heavy steel  for your build

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This is really cool pattern! Its  Mostly a grey metal with greenish yellow stains and some rust lines. This heavy: 500 grams. Will be a huge tone boost on your bass. Made to fit modern USA made Fender Pbass.

  •  Comes with a satin clearcoat .
  •  Has 4mm countersunk holes and a set of #4 stainless steel screws
  • 1.2mm thick
  • Includes shipping to places listed
  • Pics you see are what you get!

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  • Each piece of vinyl comes supplied with pre mask and is packed in individual pieces.
    Each kit ships as an over sized letter ground, to keep cost down. The main body piece will be folded but won’t affect the sticker. Just unfold, leave at room temperature and smooth with a squeegee or credit card when applying.

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