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Voodoo Strat burnt steel pickguard,reverse bridge pickup, textured pattern.USA specs


SSS configuration reverse bridge pickup route with burnt paint finish

This piece of metal was some ugly paint which i set on fire to remove and ended up with this pattern you see. There is tons of black smoke carbon trapped in the old white paint with some yellow pushing throufgh. A hendrix tribute with the reverse bridge route SSS configuration . . Quick easy look change for your Strat
The pics you see are what you get.

  • Fits USA Strats with 4mm countersunk outside holes
  • 56mm neck pocket
  • semi gloss finish both sides
  • 1mm thick
  • 300-grams
  • Comes with #4 stainless steel screws

The price includes tracked shipping to the places listed. Not affliated with any guitar company in any way

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