ZZ top Peeler guitar Tribute telecaster. 2 piece pine with rusted pickguard


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Inspired by the ZZ Top “Peeler”guitar and bass.This is a 2 piece 6 year old pine  body that has been relic’d to look like multiple pieces of aged distressed and damaged paint. The classic tele shape body is aged all over, but is ultra smooth to the touch. It been lightly clearcoated and buffed with 3000 grit. certain areas still look dull and angd and change in the light. The cavities  are  just 600 grit saned. .

The pickguard has a great  small honeycomb rusted pattern while there is nice scratched steel still showing . Always changing in the light. Includes a Solid  tele bridge ass the pics show. Completely done by hand.

  • Weigh 2.3 kg with guard and  bridge
  • neck pocket fits all aftermarket tele necks
  • No solvents used, all water based finishes
  • Pickguard made from 1mm recycled steel
  • Satin/ matte finish on both

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