One of a kind Rusted metal pickguards from recycled metal.

At Rusted Relics, we make one of a kind rusted metal pickguards from recycled metal. Wherever we can find aged, weathered and distressed metal, we will recycle it into incredible one of a kind art for your guitar customization.

Build your Dream Guitar!

We make Strat, Tele, Tele Deluxe, Tele Thinline LPJR, Firebird and Explorer  to help with your upgrade or custom build. When you are ready to buy, head over to our SHOP page or browse past and present pieces at our GALLERY page.Plus we now have our Templates and parts page . Including Stainless steel pickguard screws

Guitar Pickguards From Recycled Metal.
Made in Canada.

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Featured Product May 2020

Unfinished Raw Les Paul Junior steel pickguard Save Bucks! you can finish yourself. ONLY $49 inludes all taxes and Shipping

Our Strat Guards

All the strat guards are based on the modern 11 hole design. Fits modern USA made strats with enough wiggle room on the outside holes as they are drilled at 4 mm with countersinking.
Standard classic SSS, HSS with humbucker route to accomodate most covered pickups. A single humbucker with a single volume. The "jake" A Jake E Lee inspired pickguard, with reverse single coils and a bridge humbucker with one Volume control route. The VOODOO< a Hendrix style with reverse single coil bridge.

Pbass players. Upgrade now!