Relic Tele Line of Bodies

My take on the telecaster with a wide top for better acoustic resonance. Also fits the Humbucker option with no extra routing. Made from 2 pieces of pine. Fits  the pickguards. Average weight with guard is 4.5 pounds. the pics show #1, 2 and 3.

pine telcaster

The Tiger Tele

Inspired by the Mr. Scary guitar line, this my version of the Telecaster in the Grooved and burnt style of the Lynch guitar. The pickguard is also grooved and follows the flow of the stripes which are correct copies of the classic  ESP  adapted to the Tele Body.

2 piece pine, burnt grooves and sanded to 1200 ready for staining and  clearcoating. Combined weight is 4 pounds. Starts at $479 Canadian

Rusted "Tinline " Telecaster body

My take on the Thinline style.  No F hole, solidbody telecaster with route for Thinline  pickguards. Fits the pickguards currently for sale. The pics here are #1 one which is sold.

The Coral (pink) is Tinline #2 still available for sale.

back in 2016 there was a house being renovated and a huge pine tree was chopped down and the logs just left out. I grabbed them and in 2019 the wood was dry enough to start making  guitars.

Lots of trial and error, down to some basic router and jigsaw and tons of hand sanding these are the bodies you see.