Punisher bass routing template for bass build replica. Complete body and neck set. Ships free


Build your own Kiss style Punisher bass from these plans

Based on the BC Rich design with hybrids of Cort and Grabber. This is a Punisher design to help you build your own Gene bass. While the original is neck through this is accuarate to the 24 fret 34 scale modified to build your own bolt on or to use an after market neck.
Here is what you get:
>Body with EMG pickup routes
> 3 control holes front and Rear route template and cover
>24 fret neck guide with Diamond inlays
> Headstock pattern
>Different thickness guides
> Also for finishing it includes both the main body stripe and headstock stripe in white vinyl sticker to complete the look

Will ship rolled in a box, just unroll and apply to your MDF , acrylic etc to make your master templates

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  • Each piece of vinyl comes supplied with pre mask and is packed in individual pieces.
    Each kit ships as an over sized letter ground, to keep cost down. The main body piece will be folded but won’t affect the sticker. Just unfold, leave at room temperature and smooth with a squeegee or credit card when applying.

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