Rick 360 routing template for guitar building. Cut from vinyl, Complete body, neck, headstock parts


Each piece of vinyl comes supplied with pre mask and is packed in individual pieces.
Each kit ships as an over sized letter ground, to keep cost down. The main body piece will be folded but won’t affect the sticker. Just unfold, leave at room temperature and smooth with a squeegee or credit card when applying.

For an installation guide visit: https://youtu.be/In0YrqthjSM
This is a template based on the Rickenbacker 360 guitar.
It is cut from sign vinyl and features 2 sides, pickguards and neck guide templates. The pickup guides and neck spacing are the same as Rick , but you can modify to a bolt on neck or Humbuckers. You can apply these stickers to MDF or aluminum and have a accurate guide for future guitar building.

It ships small packet air folded in an envelope to keep costs down. Just unfold and apply to wood etc.